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Next-Generation French Restaurant Offering Rich Culinary Experience

The restaurant’s name “COTEAU” means “hill” in French, and would make it “a restaurant on top of a hill,” as KASHIYAMA DAIKANYAMA has been established as a new “hill” for Daikanyama. Under the concept of “connecting Japan and the world through culinary art,” we’ve invited Mr. Yosuke Suga (who presides over SUGALABO, which is garnering global attention as a laboratory of the next-generation French cuisine) as our supervisor.
Enjoy a full-course meal that extracts the diversity of nature and original favors of ingredients, by using seasonal fresh ingredients that have been carefully selected, along with a pairing drink. The restaurant interior is an artistic space created by materials such as natural wood and marbles blending in harmony. It presents a moment of relaxation to raise your inspiration while being able to witness the season's blessings. It’s a perfect place to spend a special moment with someone significant.
We offer a new gastronomic experience that stimulates the five senses and the intellectual curiosity of grown-ups who can appreciate quality. Dinner is also recommended on the Urban Garden Terrace, where various types of plants such as herbs grow during the pleasant, breezy season.