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MIKIHIKO KYOBASHI Photo Exhibition Blue Forest

2020.2.4(Tue.) - 2.28(Fri.)

We are pleased to announce the holding a photo exhibition of Mikihiko Kyobashi ( @mikihiko_kyobashi.official ) from February 4th to 28th at KASHIYAMA DAIKANYAMA.


The masterpieces from his photobook “Blue Forest” which he had been shooting for 10 years in the ocean are exhibited at our CAFE (B1 floor) and GALLERY (1st floor).


We are looking forward to seeing you at KASHIYAMA DAIKANYAMA.




Mikihiko Kyobashi 杏橋 幹彦

Born near the ocean in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan in 1969.

Blessed with a childhood spent skin diving and playing in the waters of uninhibited islands around Yamaguchi Prefecture.


Got into surf lifesaving and received a bronze medal at a competition held at Burigh Heads Beach in east Australia.

Entered YMCA Marine Science College in 1988.


Before long, he developed a strong feeling that humans should get into the waters of the ocean in as simple a way as possible,

In a condition similar to being naked without oxygen tanks etc. Since 2001, he has been swimming in the water with just a flipper and mask.


With intuitive sense, a photograph of a wave current is taken underwave.

Ever since he began his work with Swiss Watchmakers, Longines Co.


His masterpieces will be exhibited in Japan and overseas, Aoyama Spiral and Fire King Cafe (Japan), Latvia, New York, Amsterdam, Taiwan etc.



14-18 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

CAFE / B1F 11:00-21:00 (L.O.20:00)

GALLERY /1F 11:00-18:00 (Except 2/19-22, 2/28)

TEL: 03-5784-1287