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<KASHIYAMA DAIKANYAMA MARKET>A new innovative down structure," ADS (Advanced Down System)" POP UP SHOP

We open a POP UP SHOP of our new patented down structure,” ADS (Advanced Down System)”





To store in the down feathers, down wears had to have stitches. ADS, new down structure with patent technique of “Z tapes” enable air to circulate between the packs, allowing flexible fit. Although only less amount of down feathers are needed, volume and light weight are made possible. New innovative down structure with no use of horizontal stitching prevents down feathers from blowing out.

You can now try and see the down collection which is normally available only on our official online shop “ONWARD CROSSET”.




As a brand’s icon we chose Kenshi Okada, who is a Japanese up-and-coming actor. You can get a catalog in which he is wearing ADS down wear (the quantity is limited) and also the commercial movie with behind the scenes are be running in the store.









ADS Official Web

Instagram @onward_advanced_system



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