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B1F/CAFE Reopening from May 9, 2020

Dear Customers,


Thank you for visiting KASHIYAMA DAIKANYAMA.


We are sorry for all who are infected with COVID-19 and really appreciating to all healthcare professionals.


We will reopen a part of our store from May 9 (Sat.), taking proper measures to prevent infection.





CAFE / B1F (Reopening from May 9, 2020)


 Monday to Sunday 12:00 - 18:00


 More info: 03-5784-1339


※Take out only.

※You can pre-order and pre-pay through below URL.


※You can pre-order and pre-pay through the App “Taberogu take out”.

 Download here:



<Take out menu>


  Iced Tea

 ・French Earl Gray  ¥400



 ・Blend Coffee  ¥400

 ・Draft Ice Coffee  ¥400

 ・Cafe Latte ¥500

 ・Soy Latte  ¥550



 ・Ginger Ale ¥500

 ・Mandarin Orange  ¥500

 ・Apple ¥500


 Baked Sweets

 ・Basque cheesecake ¥800

 ・Canele ¥350

 ・Madeleine ¥300

 ・Scone (Vanilla or Tea) ¥400 / piece



 ・Pork Cutlet Sandwich  ¥1,300

 ・Beef Hamburg Steak ( Lunch Box ) ¥1,500

 ・Beef Hamburg Steak ( Meal Kit )  ¥1,800







 Closed for the time being.


For reservation:

More info:03-5784-1670

(*Available Tuesday to Sunday 13:00~18:00)


BAR / 5F


Closed for the time being.



※The situation would be changed depend on Tokyo special measures.





Our preventive measures against Coronavirus infection


【In public space】


1. Hand sanitizer is now available throughout the building. We highly recommend practicing proper hand sanitization at all times.

2. Disinfectants are regularly used during cleaning, especially in locations frequented by large numbers of people.

3. We keep opening the entrance and windows to ventilate.


【Measures for employees】


1. All the employees check their current health condition before work.

2. All the employees are strictly requested to practice proper hand sanitization and hand/mouth washing at all times.