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<KASHIYAMA DAIKANYAMA> - A New "Hill" in Daikanyama where Fashion, Food, Design and Art Come Together to Stimulate Your Five Senses - Grand Opening on April 2nd (Tues)

"KASHIYAMA DAIKANYAMA" aims to be a place of relaxation that blends in with the city, and brings fashion, food, design and art together to add color in the lives of visitors. Rich sunlight shines through the building, structured by layering boxes of various sizes, and its materials and use of space connects its interior and exterior. These will enable you to explore the entire facility as if you're strolling along a new "hill" in Daikanyama. It's comprised of 6 floors (basement ~ 5th floor), featuring a relaxing cafe, a gallery that transmits culture and art, a market of originally curated fashion items, a restaurant that offers a rich culinary experience at a reasonable price, and a classical bar.

Under the guidance of Project Leader Takeshi Hirouchi, who is also the Chairman and Executive Director of Onward Holdings, we recruited the following supervisors in the following categories: architecture and interior design by nendo Design Office (led by Oki Sato) + onndo Space Design Office; food content by SUGALABO (Yosuke Suga); and fashion & culture by Carol Lim & Humberto Leon (founder of OPENING CEREMONY, and Creative Director of KENZO, respectively). Even after its grand opening, we plan to deliver information primarily through gallery events, and hope the place will continue to evolve and stimulate our five senses. Come visit the "KASHIYAMA DAIKANYAMA", a "hill" filled with light, where you can encounter artistic senses scattered around the entire building.